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Resuming transmission… maybe. Test test, etc.

Combined my About and (former) Status pages into one mutant hybrid. Think it makes things a little less unwieldy in the nav menu.

Worry aside, an eventful and exciting day ahead.

My wife’s first day of school with kids. Fortunately, she’s fully vaccinated and in one of the few school districts in the county with a mask mandate; doesn’t mean the worry will ever vanish - an omnipresent unease is the best I’ll hope for.

Watching (for the first time in far too long):

New desk friend.

Next time I say “I think I’ll move (insert small, easily lost object) somewhere where I won’t forget it” be sure to stop me.

Lunch companions.

Kirby’s new favorite activity: helping me roll up the yoga mat.

(Also) Reading:

(I should add that I’m talking about my wife, a sixth-grade teacher. We don’t have kids (she gets 75 new ones a year) - but my implied well-wishes extend to everyone, tall, small, and in-between, walking into a school building this week.)

And so the in-person return to school begins for K. May my anxieties and distrust of others’ capacity for “personal responsibility” consume only a small part of my day. (Fortunately - for her - her district is one of the few in the area requiring masks.)

I’ll take a Captain Carter movie or series now please.


Kirby, Day One and today, 131 days later…

North by Northwest only with a flock of geese pursuing me on the day’s run.


Links, 15aug2021

COVID-19 of the Future: Endemic and Mostly in Young Children?, via Medscape.

How the Pandemic Now Ends, via The Atlantic.

Hoping for that RDR-remaster to make use of RDR2’s spectacular map and combine both games… Rockstar is reportedly remastering its PS2-era Grand Theft Auto trilogy, via The Verge.

Played it this week - a powerful experience: This Game Set in the Gaza Strip Doesn’t Let You Win, via WIRED

Apple Arcade is getting a new Castlevania game, via The Verge.

‘I love the perversity of it’: Bad Seed Warren Ellis on how Nina Simone’s gum inspired a book, via The Guardian.

Trust the process - even though it will most likely change with every project. (At least that’s how it tends to go with me: part of the process is trusting that, eventually, a process will emerge.)

Didn’t envision “dive out of a rising dump bed into a pine tree” being part of my weekend plans but…

No clue if this morning’s breakthrough is something or not – but I do know that it’s not nothing: never underestimate the power of unseen combinations/remixes of old and new ideas to give you something you didn’t know you were looking for.