Morning pupper-tummy rubs.




The dog-children, in their natural habitat.


It rained.

21-week-old German Shepherd puppy yoga.

When I know I’ve taken thirty seconds too long to eat my breakfast.


Achievement: unlocked.

Me, at family gatherings.

With my Puppers.


Frisbee time.

Kirby and friends.

20 weeks.

(Another) long day.

Long day.

Still guarding.


Sanctum guardians.

A banner day for Kirby, vanquisher of toys and folded blankets.


The Jorkie, safely ensconced in her Kirby-proof fortress.

Kirby v. Strange Gecko-Moose Creature.



Am dog.

Kirby’s last puppy vet appointment: all shots complete, 40 pounds (+13 since last time) and perfectly healthy.

Dynamic duo.

Working on his new puzzle.

Someone helped in the garden today.

Morning paw from Kirby.

Negotiations are at an impasse.

Kirby at +/- eight weeks old, and today, at 16 weeks old.

This being the morning that the 40lb German Shepherd puppy decided to wake his older, 13lb Jorkie sister by removing all of her blankets from her crate and making himself comfortable. His version of tiny house living?

The Jorkie and her patio.


Rainy afternoon.

With dog-child.

Your morning Kirby.

In which Kirby learns that he can no longer fit under the couch.

Long day.

He’s growing… and growing…

‘Morning - Jurassic Park is now open.

Kirby’s vet checkup: he’s more than doubled in weight (13 to 27 pounds) since last month and is in perfect health: “Keep doing what you’re doing.” One more puppy-checkup to go.

Recording complete.

One month.

It was an eventful (and pleasant) evening and, alas, climbing all the way onto the couch for a sleep proved to be too much for young Kirby.

Deep in conversation with my youngest kid.

The Stairmaster is vexed.


My baby bear is growing up quickly.

A sneeze, captured.


Intense mid-day conversations.

“You will fill bowl with food yes.”


We learned how to go down the stairs today. Up, not so much. But down? We’ve got that covered.

The peacetime of reading time.


A rest with his friend at the end of a long day.

Your morning Kirby.

I may have slept two hours, but Kirby’s doing just fine on his first morning.

The Morkie Queen atop her throne. (None are worthy.)

The passenger.


Sunday visit (on Friday).


In which The Morkie continues to come out of the morning’s anesthesia.

Guard dog.


Stealth mode.