Baked ravioli offering for in-law family: complete.

sat/20221126: systems collisions etc

the morning's attendance card, a sketchy me in a meditative state surrounded by swirling people and partially cooked birds. dead turkey day, round two; happy to those who celebrate



three dogs on a red chaise from L to R: Kirby, the German Shepherd; Hildy, The Morkie; Izzy, the Jorkie (we think)

Other nice part using of this Micro->Mastodon system: I’m now Mastodon-verified.

just a test to make sure i didn’t blow something up

The insulin pump has arrived. Let the era of cybernetic keeping me alive commence (after appropriate training).

🎧earbliss/20221125: BLUEBLUE, by Sam Gendel

🔗 Stunning: Metal Sculptor Shota Suzuki Crafts Exquisitely Detailed Blooms That Express the Passing of Time | Colossal

Filed under: weirder, deadlier, and potentially more useful (back)roadside finds along the day’s run. And so it goes along the rural pathways.

the day's roadside find: an axe / hatchet devoid of handle.

fri/20221125: spacestreamthinking

the morning's attendance card, a sketchy me pondering, as I did in the writing itself, the relationship between my spacestreams (of thought).

🔗 Love (not $159k love, but love): Chevy 3100 pickups from the 1950s get an electric makeover | Autoblog

kirby boops the camera

Kirby striking a mid-walk pose.

a ridiculously handsome german shepherd strikes a pose, an empty baseball field in the background, blue sky above.

(reposting from PR amidst site(s) reorganization): Itsa mine! My watch otaku-ness continues. But I couldn’t resist this SUPER MARIO BROS / G-Shock collaboration:

The very red top to the Casio G-Shock SUPER MARIO BROS watch tinThe Mario G-Shock itself. Red blue, with pixelated Mario wristband. The very red underside to the Casio G-Shock SUPER MARIO BROS watch tin, reading HERE WE GO!

Hi, Micro-people. The dogchildren and I are back. Using this space as a way to stick to once-daily things at Parenthetical Recluse while maintaining a Mastodon presence AND making it easier for me to add pictures to the weekly newsletter. Good to be back.

Testing testing Micro -> Mastodon. Here’s a dog picture

Kirby, the german shepherd, with his half-chewed jolly ball. Smiles abound.