Results of a morning spent figuring shit out

Yes, I thought it would take the whole day but it turns out that it only took an hour this morning; must’ve been brewing for awhile.

I have a lot of things I want to accomplish and, in order to do that, things need to change.

One: You may consider the weekly/daily Informalities at Parenthetical Recluse to be dead: any future self-published essays will be newsletter-exclusive and password-protected. That said, MicroInformalities (wheneverthehell/whateverthehell) will continue to live on MicroParentheticals – which will become my main “blog” – and will be available to all. The Socialized Recluse pod will, likewise, remain free to all – and will, like re/emergence, be released early to newsletter subscribers.

Two: The homepage at Parenthetical Recluse will, in coming weeks, be replaced with a Status page that I will update either a.) when something new comes out (a la the current page) or b.) whenever I feel like it.

Three: With the exception of future installments of re/emergence (which will continue its current release method), any and all future fiction releases will require either a newsletter subscription (for a free e-books, physical copy discounts, and early access) or the shelling out of appropriate remuneration, TBD.

If I haven’t linked to it enough in this proclamation, you can sign up for my weekly newsletter, MacroParentheticals, here.

It’s way past time for me to place a monetary value on my work and, for now, this is the best way I can come up with to do so. Thanks, as ever, for reading, and I’m excited to move forward.

Tyler W. Weaver @twweaver